Hal Leonard Jazz Play-Along Blues

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Songbook for Clarinet

  • 10 Blues classics in jazzy arrangements
  • Songbook for Bb-, Eb-, C- and bass-key instruments
  • With melody line and chords
  • Medium to high level of difficulty
  • ISBN 9780634039171, Publishing No. HL00841646
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 44 Pages
  • Includes CD with demo and play-along recordings


  • Billie's Bounce(Bill's Bounce)
  • Birk's Works
  • Blues For Alice
  • Blues In The Closet
  • C-Jam Blues
  • Freddie Freeloader
  • Mr. P.C.
  • Now's The Time
  • Tenor Madness
  • Things Ain't What They Used To Be


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