Wow, for the money this guitar is a great sounding good looking guitar.I have played some of the most high dollar guitars such as the Tayler and Martin upper line and know what a good guitar is.This guitar is much better then entry level, it can tow the line with middle class. I have been on tour many times and this guitar would have been played a lot had I have gotten it sooner. Even though it is a cheaper guitar, the quality is very good. Put good strings on it and it will sing. The action adjusted well and with a little sanding on the bridge it now has very good action. The frets are well seated and smooth with no buzzing on any notes. The neck is very straight. The intonation is right on. The pickup is not bad and sounds decent. The finish is good and the solid spruce top is tight grained. It stays in tune very well. The quality is AMAZING for the price. It sounds and looks like a guitar going for 8 times the price of this one in the states. In almost any guitar you get what you pay for so I was expecting very little from this one, oh boy was I pleasantly surprised with this great guitar. The shipping is reasonable and fast. I got this guitar in 12 days coming from Thomann in Germany to Utah USA. Thomman has great service as well. I am very happy with this Guitar!