Just Buy One!

I play mainly electric, but occasionally need to add a little bit of acoustic into the mix. As I'm not primarily an acoustic player, I didn't want to spend a fortune on an acoustic, so I took a chance on this Harley Benton.

It arrived in 3 days: ordered Tuesday/arrived Friday... On opening the box, I was surprised by the look of the guitar. the pictures on the website do not do it justice! You could easily say you'd paid £400 for this guitar and people would believe you... it's THAT good!

So, it looks good, but how does it play? Well, mine has a lovely low action and a completely buzz-free neck. It is a joy to play - so comfortable. The unbranded tuners are smooth and easy to use with no "lumpiness", and the gloss finish is just thick enough to give the guitar a nice shine but not too thick or "plastic" feeling - often the case with cheap acoustic guitars.

As for the sound... it's a dreadnought. It rewards being played loud - at low volumes it can sound a little underwhelming - still OK, but just not anything to write home about. Start to bash out some big open chords, though, and the guitar comes alive & reveals itself with a big resonant characterful sound.

If you are a dedicated acoustic player, you will probably write this guitar off, but you'd be wise to check it out - it's sound belies the low price tag. This could easily be a guitar costing well into the hundreds or pounds. Couple that with an excellent fit & finish, comfortable playing experience, and great service from Thomann & it's got to be one of the best bargains out there. As I said...

Just Buy One!