Just Stunned at how good this is for the price.

I really wasn't expecting much for the price, but from the minute I opened the box I was impressed.

The build quality is exceptionally good at this price point. The overall tone of this guitar is not far off my C F Martin DX1, which cost me over £600 three years ago. The only thing I have done so far is to lower the action and change the strings, but that is my personal preference. Tuners seem good and its stays in tune well. The Bridge pickup seems to work fine, although I've not rigorously tested it as yet.

I showed it to my brother-in-law, who plays professionally in a band and he had not heard of the Harley Benton brand and thought it was American. When he'd finish playing it I asked him how much would you pay for one of these. He paused for a second or two and said £400 to £500. He was blown away when I told him it was £76 shipped to the UK. The next day he phoned me to say he had just ordered one.

A great second guitar which wouldn't let you down taking to a gig.

Go buy one, you won't be disappointed.