Use: 2nd acoustic for a chap who is a bass player and occasional strummer.

The bottom line: Astounding.

In a little more depth: I am (I think quite often rightly) a touch wary of rapturous online reviews - although I have given my fair share of them on here because I have only rarely found something I have bought not to be excellent, or at the very least more than acceptable. This instrument has many heroic reviews praising its utter fantasticness. In a nutshell it deserves them. At twice the price it would be a bargain. It simply sounds and plays astoundingly well for a starter/basic instrument. I may be disbelieved, but I bought this to replace a Yamaha APX700 with which I had never really gelled - the action was too high and I couldn't get it lower, it was uncomfortable to play and didn't sound especially good either acoustically or plugged in. This amazing guitar does. I use the acoustic or clean setting on my Boss Katana - lovely. It looks pretty good too, very few tiny glitches in the finish you need to look very hard to find. The only gripe is that there is no built in tuner, but hey so what? Mainly because it stays in tune so well too. The machine heads are lovely too. Really there is pretty much no end to the good things to say about this instrument. If you are after a good western guitar that is in addition amazing value for money then just buy one of these. Astounding!