Rather impressed

Not sure what I was going to get from this but took a punt anyway. Not much money if it was going to turn out to be rubbish. When it turned up it was well packaged and there was no damage. The guitar itself was almost in tune from the box and it plays quite nicely. It's my first acoustic (electric player for 19 years) so don't have a reference point for the sound quality, but I think it sounds great and the action and neck relief was excellent. The intonation was also perfect.

If you were a beginner it would not really need much doing to it to get learning some chords. As I'm going to be doing some lead work and bending strings it could do with a fret polish and fretboard oil but these are minor points really. I'd expect to have to setup a cheaper guitar anyway. Strings are a bit junky, but what do you expect for no-name factory ones. When I strip it down I'll be putting some better ones on.

Tried out the electric interface and all works as expected. Not sure on the sound quality as I find all electro acoustic (on recordings) to be a bit "plastic" sounding. Sounds like the aforementioned others I've heard so can't complain. Also came with the battery for the pre-amp!

Overall very happy indeed.