Amazing value guitar

I'm not a regular guitar player as bass is my usual instrument so I didn't want to spend too much for basically a learner guitar. The guitar arrived promptly and in good condition so top marks to Thomann once again for excellent service. The guitar played straight out of the box with only a slight adjustment needed for tuning. I was very impressed with the sound and the play ability and spent the whole day playing it. I replaced the strings after about a week with a set of Martins and that improved the tone even more so that now I rarely pass the guitar on its stand without grabbing it and playing it. This guitar has made me late for appointments because I get so involved with it.

I guess a guitar is perfect when it is perfect for YOU. This guitar is perfect for me. So things like price and where it was made have no bearing on the bond you have with an instrument.

It looks good, plays beautifully, and inspires me to practice.

I also have a Strat, a Telecaster and a Tanglewood ovation style guitar, plus my basses. This Harley Benton gets played everyday and even goes with me when I travel. It may be cheap and maybe experienced guitar players will find fault but for me it is the RIGHT guitar.

Interestingly, since that last comment I had a couple of experience guitarists over for a jam the other night and they couldn't keep there hands off my Harley Benton. A big thumbs up from them too! Enough said!