Harley Hendrix Benton

I managed to kill two birds with one stone in this purchase. I wanted to try a Harley Benton guitar as I was seduced by the low prices . I also wanted to try a left-handed guitar as a right handed guitar just to get the Jimi Hendrix Experience.! There is a Vintage brand guitar which gives the right handed guitarist the Jimi "sound" but I wanted to feel what Jimi was up against in playing his guitar as a left handed player. The things that were against him were:- restricted access to the top notes on the treble strings ,arm in the way of the volume and tone controls , no conture on the now upper side of the guitar and the tremelo arm is also in the way of certain techniques . I always noticed that he played his guitar fairly high on his left side as this facilitated his method of reaching around below the trem . I have found that the trem arm gets in the way for my style of playing so I wonder what Jimi might have achieved if he'd had a proper left-handed guitar . So In spite of all the draw backs he managed to influence the world with his playing . By playing a left handed guitar right handed I am finding out what Jimi started with and I understand his style better . I now call this guitar my Harley Hendrix !!