It's a metal jackplate at an absoltely insane price

The chrome finish is excellent, bright, shiny and even.

Why any manufacturer put plastic jack plates on any LP style guitar I have not a clue, these are so cheap, it is a no brainer to get them for any LP style guitar you own.

I bought 5. It fit my Gibson LPJ perfectly. I put them on my Agile AL2000, my Harley Benton L450Plus, My SX Deimos. If I have an LP style guitar without a metal jack plate, I'm putting one of these on it. The fit is perfect for every one.

The holes are nicely chamfered and fit a variety of screw sizes. The jack hole fits USA Switchcraft jacks, Korean made fake Switchcraft jacks, cheapo Chinese jacks, any and all 1/4" jacks.

What a great inexpensive way to dress up the butt end of your guitar. Overall I am super happy with this jack plate.