Great sound.

I loved this thing! Great sound! Too bad I stepped on it barefoot and the jack input (with phone jack inside) broke. I tried to open for repair but too much little plastics.

Later I acquired a Vox Classic Rock and tho I find the tone very good the HB Rockplug doesn't fall behind. The HB doesn't "color" the sound as the other (Vox sounds like a "through cabinet" with bass). It's a different type of OD of the Vox and the gain to the max sounds like distortion (ex. Nirvana).

You can use it with bass but it's not that good (the Vox sounds good on bass and has lot's of volume and boost - clean and OD).

But the biggest plus is the price and the rechargeable battery! It lasts for ages! I could play for days and days without recharging and then no need to buy batteries - and yes buying batteries is a major issue. Some folkes might say "and what if battery dies?" well my phone is 3years and every 2 days I charge it and it still goes on. Imagine 2 batteries per week minimum after 1 year the amount of money you'll spend! You can buy three or more HB Rockplug!

I'll be buying another next order for sure.