Performs Beyond Expections

This is a fabulous guitar for the price. The finish is flawless and is one of the few solid color finished guitars I own. It is a great color. I didn't think the super access heel would make much of a difference but it really makes playing up the neck easy and fast. The headstock is quite nice considering there are only so many ways to change the headstock. The diamond design is very cool. Even nicer that the "G" word diamond, IMHO. It needed only minor adjustments on the set up. It has a good low end growl and a very warm mid range. Action was low. Frets are even and well polished. It weighs a bit more than my other Les Paul' but I will be sitting most of the time so that makes no real difference. I am very excited about this purchase. So much so, I just purchased 4 more Harley Benton guitars with cases for my 2 boys. Yes, I bought them 2 each. The people at Thomann have been wonderful. They have responded very quickly to my questions and have been professional and polite. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Looking for more gear now!!!