very nice guitar

This guitar is the 6th Harley Benton I have bought I think I may have GAS but at these prices you can't go wrong even though the pound has dropped in value. OK let's get down to the nitty gritty the guitar arrived with a playable setup but needed adjustment for my needs I intend to change their pickups at a latter date to tonerider PAF alnico 2 classics

take a look at theYou Tube review on hb sc500 with toner ider pickups it will blow you away.Then fit and finish on this white classic is high and I am happy with it except the small issue of the first plastic insert on the neck not being glued in

the right way up, all these other inserts are pearl effect

but the first is just white plastic a bit of a letdown from QC.

There question do I send it back or do I live with it?