Impressive quality

Hi! First of all I must say I play guitar at home. I own a HB CST-24 which I'm so happy with but I wanted to try and switch to a Les Paul model, and what better than trying another HB guitar?

The guitar looks really pretty. The finishes are good enough (you can see some imperfections in the binding but nothing important).

In terms of sound, I think a pickup swap would be great to have a better experience but it sounds really good and it is powerful enough for home. I use a Blackstar Id:core 20 watt amp and the mix guitar-amp sounds great. It stays in tune without any problem. I think HB make a really with work with the tuners of their guitars because my CST-24 never gets out of tune and the same happens with this one.

An advice, please, please, please change the strings as soon as you receive your guitar. I played with them and it is not a good experience, changed them by new ones and everything went really smoother.

Not so much to add. It is a really good guitar as starting (and continuing) point because it is beautiful, solid and sounds good even if it is not made of basswood. It worth every euro it costs.




Good sound.

It keeps in tuning.



Strings by default are crappy.

Enjoy that pretty and cheap great guitar!