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  • Frédéric Chopin, Waltz
  • For piano solo
  • Medium to high difficulty
  • Edited by Ewald Zimmermann, fingering by Hans-Martin Theopold
  • In original text


  • Waltz in E Flat Major op.18 (Grande Valse brillante)
  • Waltz A flat major op.34,1
  • Waltz in A Minor op.34,2
  • Waltz F major op.34,3
  • Waltz A flat major op.42
  • Waltz in D major op.64,1 (minutes)
  • Waltz cis minor op.64,2
  • Waltz in A major op.64,3
  • Waltz (in two versions) A flat major op.post.69,1
  • Waltzes (in two versions) in b minor op.post.69,2
  • Waltz (in two versions) G major op.post.70,1
  • Waltz F minor, A flat major (in two versions) op.post.70,2
  • Waltz in D major op.post.70,3
  • Waltz A flat major KK IVa, 13th
  • Waltz E major KK IVa, 12
  • Waltz in E minor KK IVa, 15
  • Waltz in A minor KK IVb, 11
  • Appendix: Waltz E flat major KK IVb, 10 and Waltz E flat major KK IVa, 14

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