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Music BookWe have found a real treat for the double bass players: a collection of twelve stylized waltzes by Beethoven's contemporary Domenico Dragonetti. The "Paganini of the Double Bass" grew up in Venice, but moved to London as an adult, where the twelve waltzes were probably composed. It is probably the earliest surviving work for double bass solo. In their entirety, these charming pièces have remained unpublished to this day. Despite their virtuoso sound, they are technically easy to master and are not only suitable for the concert programme, but also excellent as encore pieces. Our edition, as always in proven Urtext quality, closes a real repertoire gap.

  • Domenico Dragonetti
  • Twelve Waltzes For Double Bass Solo
  • Original text
  • Average degree of difficulty
  • Published by Tobias Glöckler


  • 1-Vivace
  • 2-Presto
  • 3-Vivace
  • 4-Allegro
  • 5-Vivace
  • 6-Vivace
  • 7-Vivace
  • 8-Vivace
  • 9-Vivace
  • 10-Allegretteo
  • 11-Vivace
  • 12-Presto

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