Loving this case but...

I travel by air a lot and the case gets on every flight as carry on without a problem, which is just brilliant.

The hardware is top-notch great design both in the usage and the aesthetics. Closes patched with a bit of putting the spaghetti in its place.

I'd love to give it 5 out of 5, but...

Lack of shoulder straps or strap points is a big minus for me.

I understand that all the connectors and sockets must be facing out of the box, but being on top and having no built in protection makes them open to the elements. Just two weeks ago I lest a club after a gig to be met with a heavy rain... since then I use gaffer tape across all sockets.

Also, the power connector is a cheap-o, standard plug which don't give me much confidence. It fits snugly-is, but is more suited for a small toy than an expensive travel/club case.

A device allowing to lock the cable by twisting it around something would do the trick. I'll be drilling a bigger hole and installing a lockable power connector.

Overall, I would recommend it, just consider the above issues.