K&K PowerMix Pure XT Mini System

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Product Details

Dual-source pickup/pickup combination with external preamp for acoustic guitar

  • Consists of: the Pure Pickup, the FanTaStick Western pickup, and the PowerMix Pure XT Preamp, an external 2-channel preamp with amazing mixing capability.
  • The PowerMix XT Preamp is a 2-channel, belt clip mixer that allows you to blend the two pickups of the PowerMix System
  • Aside from its strong bass, midrange, and treble filters (for each channel), it offers internal gain adjustments which set the pre amplification factor from 1 to 10 (per channel).
  • This allows you to boost the input signal up to the 10-fold amount.
  • Features two volume controls knobs, two 1/4" inputs, and a line level 1/4" output on the outside of the box
  • Inside the box, there are adjustable controls for gain, bass, midrange and treble for each channel.
  • The tone controls offer an incredible +/- 20 dB
  • To keep the box as small as possible these controls are trim pots (small potentiometers for adjustment with a precision screw driver which is supplied).
  • All parts of the system can be installed without drilling any holes other than the endpin hole.


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