Very sturdy wall stand

I have a couple of guitars and realized that my living room is not that big to fit all my guitars on floor stands. Also the risk of the guitars getting hit by chairs, moving objects, kids etc. was not a very pleasant though. So I decided that I need a wall stand.

I logged into Thomann's website and started browsing! The selection on wall stands is quite big, so at first I didn't know what and how to select. So I tried to sort them out by reviews and try to find the best value for money option.

I ultimately selected the subject holder (K&M 16280) and I can say that I did make the good choice.

The holder is excellent! The built quality is very good. They feel very sturdy and the rubber looks good and long standing. For that I will have to wait a couple of months or years before I am sure, but judging by the looks, probably is fine. In any case, K&M offers a 5 year warranty, so there shouldn't be any issue.

I was also worried about nitro laquers, but apparently only the higher end models and some vintage models only are finished with nitro laquer, so I will most probably wont have any issue about that!