Great microphone stand

Microphone stand is great for designed use.

It is the first microphone stand I have ever bought and am very happy with it.

I use it to film interviews with a shotgun microphone mounted to the stand.

The stand when in use is relatively discreet and unobtrusive yet sturdy enough with the boom extended to fill length. Excellent as I want interviewers to not be overwhelmed by equipment.

Joints feel robust and cannot see any problems arising any time in the future.

The stand is a little awkward when transporting around as no bag is provided and conveniently the legs get stuck around things on occasions.

The stand also came with clips to secure the cable going to the microphone which is a nice addition to keep equipment looking tidy and professional.

However an adapter was required for the particular microphone mount I acquired for my shotgun microphone.

All in all very happy with product after using sporadically over last 2 years.