One Man Band

It took me a long time to decide on the LD Maui 28 G2 as I am a one man band and I use midi backing tracks where I can control bass, drums, and other instrument separately and I worried about putting all that through 3" speakers. I need not have worried as the sound quality is excellent and can stand up against my Dynacord Powermate 1000 systems with no problem. Easy set up and great sound are the positives here. Just a couple of negatives. 1) The bass bin is heavy and with side handles difficult to carry (43 lbs) so it is not as light weight as I expected. 2) They say it does not feedback but it does. Finding the right location for the unit behind you will take some time and even then, depending on the stage, feedback can still be an issue. The big savings for me was set up time and it takes up slightly less space than my 2 x 12 speakers and Powermate 1000, but not enough to make a lot of difference.