The Best Stands I've Used

I got a pair of these through Thomann previously, and were so good that I ordered another pair. After seeing others lose expensive equipment to cheap stands, I refuse to make the same mistake. These are used in our studio to support some Kino-Flo lighting panels, and - as the title states - they're the best stands I've used.


- Perfectly rigid.

- Fold flat for easy storage.

- The sliding foot can accommodate placement on an uneven surface such as steps (try doing that with a standard tripod stand!)

- Extensive reach.


- They're quite heavy, but that's the price you pay for stability. If you do need to use these outdoors, you won't have to worry about adding sandbags when it's windy.

I can't include the cost as a con, as the price easily matches the quality and features. If you have something as expensive as commercial-quality lighting, don't risk it getting damaged with cheap stands. These are easily worth the cost of purchase.