A cajon with an okay sound but a poor build quality

I decided I wanted try out playing a cajon and, well, decided to go with the cheap option. Still, I expected more than what the Millenium BlackBox Cajon delivered.

The product arrived well packaged as they always do when ordering from Thomann. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with cajon that had cracks in the paint and dents in the wood. The paint on the body was cracking in multiple places and the wood was visible underneath. The three lines on the body have black paint spilled around the edges and it looks horrible.

The sound doesn't really match the sound samples. The snare sound is pretty decent but the bass sound is not up to par. Both the bass and snare have a crackling sound that doesn't feel right.

Overall, I think this cajon looks and feels like its made as a child's school project. Poor paint job, dents in the body and a crackling sound. The build quality is borderline broken.

I would advise you to consider adding a few bucks to your budget and buy a better product.

3/5 for the sound, 1/5 for the quality.