Solid Kart

I am a gigging singer & musician. I live in an apartment complex on the top floor. Having to carry my gear up and down through the building would take for ever and my back certainly wouldn't thank me. I also wanted something I could throw in the boot of the car to cart the gear in and out. So I made the decision to buy a hand truck/kart. Thomann as always offer excellent value and a wide selection of options and all good quality to price ratio. I chose this as it seemed a little sturdier and better built than some of the other options & I feel it will last the test of time & abuse thrown at it a little better than many of the others.

When it arrived, it was very well packaged, as is always the case with Thomann. It folds almost flat with the exception of the wheels. The wheels need to be fitted using the included split pins when the product arrives. Not a difficult job. The wheels are sturdy and will take a hell of a lot of abuse. They will also never go flat. The platform is big enough to carry any size speaker and most flight cases. The platform folds away by use of a rope located between the wheels. This is a little cumbersome and I feel in time it will give with constant use. Time will tell.

All in all, a great product at a great price. In today's health & safety conscious world a very welcome addition to the kit. Takes a lot of the hard work out of the "Donkey" side of things. The price is amazing too! Every musician that karts gear on a regular basis regardless of the distances involved should have one.