Great tool for the job, but not perfect.

I use this rack with several instruments in my home studio. I am very happy with how stable and robust this stuff is. The wheels ride like they should and the break is rock solid. The rack proven to be easy to build from the parts and required no instructions. The front rack mount screw sets are easy to mount and of perfect quality. Two drawbacks - despite being a 12U rack it only comes with a set of 24 screws/mounts, so You can install max 6 devices. Having some 1U devices, i ran out of screws. Another detai which let me to give 4/5 for finishing is that some of the screws for internal support of rack devices were poorly finished and due to that required significant force to fasten. But that is a one time dissapointment, which does not cast a shadow in the long run on the overall exterior and usability. Highly recommending this gear!