good flute for less money

For years now I have been teaching with this flute by Moeck and am extremely happy with it.

Especially for the kids with increased saliva production, this flute is really good with the plastic head. And thanks to the body made ??of wood and good processing at the head you can hear much of a difference to a pure wooden flute .

In terms of price , the instrument is also in a good affordable range , which is essential for many parents , their child but also has its own flute to buy. And the child in turn is motivated , firstly because there own flute and on the other hand also has a with a great blue head . In children who were allowed to choose between a pure wood and this flute, decided nearly 95 % for the flute with the blue head!

Otherwise, all that remains is to say that my flute students mostly not go to school and this flute is suitable because of its design for little fingers . The tone holes themselves are drilled too large and also the distance between the holes is not so great that a smaller hand well so get along .

I think I will continue to remain with safety in these flutes.