Mollenhauer 5206 Denner Alto Recorder

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Alto Recorder

  • Material: Pear tree wood
  • Baroque fingering
  • Double hole
  • 3-Piece in a cotton bag
  • A4 = 442 Hz
  • Including accessories

Australia - Country of immeasurable expanses and gigantic landscapes...

Here lived and worked one of the most prominent recorder makers of our time: Frederick Morgan, who died in a car accident in 1999

No other of his guild received a similar recognition worldwide, the list of those playing his instruments in concerts and on CDs, reads like the "Who's Who" of the top international recorder players.

His art was founded on careful studies of the historical recorder making. That is why his instruments reached a quality, that recorder makers from around the world consider a model.

Fred Morgan left a valuable legacy: Results of decades of research, instruments, recordings...

It is a responsible task to perserve this legacy, evaluate and develop it. Therefore, a comprehensive and forward-looking partnership between Fred Morgan's wife, Ann, and Mollenhauer has now been established.

Fred Morgan had plans, which he unfortunately coudn't realise: For a broad reception of the results of its work, he wanted to build high-quality, yet affordable serial recorders on the basis of his knowledge and decades of research.

If we want to continue Fred Morgan's plans today, a striking instrument presents itself immediately from his inheritance: An alto recorder in high pitch (440Hz) developed from an original instrument by Jacob Denner (1681-1735), which is kept in Copenhagen.

Fred Morgan developed this "high Denner" originally for the Danish recorder player Michala Petri, displaying the whole art of recorder making: A recorder with all the advantages of the original instrument, enormous dynamic stability and especially in the high pitches a richness of sound, matching the highest requirements.

Our DENNER- alto recorder Mollenhauer & Morgan has been developed from this instrument, based on Fred Morgan's records.

It joins our DENNER ensemble, which has already been specialy awarded: by the German Musical Instrument Prize for the DENNER soprano recorder.

Thus a wish of Fred Morgan comes true: To present the results of his research to a large group of players by a series of high-quality instruments...


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