Mollenhauer 5951 Elody Space

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Harmonic Alto Recorder

  • Wood type: Pear tree
  • With E extension and triple key for E / F / F-sharp
  • Tonal range: e1 - es4
  • Pitch: a' = 442 Hz
  • The Elody can be played in two ways: acoustic and amplified. Its excellent, pure acoustic sound makes the instrument a modern, harmonic alto recorder that is universally suitable for all musical styles
  • Each Elody is equipped with an unobtrusive pickup
  • Includes a special cable for connecting easily to most widely available amplifiers and accessories
  • The Elody designs are hand-finished with airbrush technology, meaning motif details may differ slightly
  • High-gloss lacquer finish
  • Airbrush design
  • Accessories included

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