Crazy awesome source of musical randomness

Amazing module with a limitless possibilities for generating pitch-aware and not pitch-aware voltages. Some settings (eg Y-output) look a little bit tricky at the beginning, but quite soon you get used to it. Have no idea, how somebody managed to put so many useful functions in a single module, but here we are). With some restrictions it could be used even as a pulse VCO with v/o pitch control, S&H and so on.

For 'cons' I'd like to list not so much the cons as the wishes:

1) On the Length knob it would be nice to have more detailed scale with marks on interim steps numbers like 10, so it would be easier to use such cool Deja Vu section with odd time signatures.

2) I didn't realize if I could make Y-section to output only positive voltages, even in full-clockwise Bias knob position.

3) For X-section it would be awesome to have fourth option +/- 2v, though it could be done with attenuation of +/- 5v.

In summary Marbles can be at the heart of generative modular system as a comprehensive source of time, pitch and other modulations with a very handle live controlling options.