Paulus & Schuler GbR Zoom Clarinet Barrel Bb 55mm

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Clarinet Barrel

When standard clarinet barrels are pulled out for intonation correction, only attenuated vibrations are transferred to the clarinet, as the connection to the tenon cork is reduced, while a hollow space is created on the inside and a gap on the outside.

For this reason, it was our aim to develop a clarinet barrel leading to new sound dimensions and at the same time eliminating the above mentioned problems.

This new development, protected by trademark rights, offers an unprecedented brilliance in sound. The zoom barrel represents the perfect symbiosis of improved sound characteristics and reproducible intoning. No matter how the length is adjusted, it has a continuous bore and additionally is not affected on the outside. Tuning becomes precise and clearly visible via an adjusting collar complete with a scale. Rotating the adjusting collar lets the barrel expand without affecting the axial alignment.

The clarinet barrel is produced with modern CNC turning technology. It can be adjusted for intonation with the adjustment collar without the mouth piece or the clarinet turning to each other.

  • The lower part of the barrel is made of grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • 55 mm
  • For German clarinets

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