Excellent durability and sound!

Strings are strings, but in my opinion some strings are more strings than other. The Pyramids are excellent in the three most important ways: they're last a very long time before they get dull (or break), they feel smooth to the fingers when bending and last, but not least, they sound great!

Nickels strings may give a touch too little sparkle and bite for some guitars (or guitarists), but a high quality guitar/pickup with inherent good treble output will produce a wonderful, smooth tone with plenty of bite if so desired. As a bonus, these strings sound vintage, with a very solid, weighty tone.

I tend to replace strings a lot more often when I use generic, more modern types. Such strings may sound better if your guitar is equipped with dull-sounding humbuckers, but the Pyramids goes extremely well with single coils and high quality, brighter humbuckers. The only comparable strings I've ever played were the Snake Oil Strings, but they're a lot more difficult to source.