High-quality sound with a modest price tag

Everybody knows that it is hard to buy mics without any test, but this won't let you down!

This is a great microphone for everyone, who is looking for a high-quality results with a modest price tag. Great quality, very sturdy! Very versatile. It works great on vocals and wide variety of acoustic instruments like pianos, guitars and other strings. Won't give an unnatural color - really clean sounding with lots of detail!

I have had this mic for over a year now (I have two of them now) and I can say over and over: great affordable home studio microphone!

I use this microphone almost everyday (i use this on everything in the studio) and it suits my purposes very well. It sounds like what you put in front of it. It can handle loud sources as well.

It is just like a Premium sounding microphone, and it's like a tank! :) The pop filter, shock mount and and the most important xlr cable are are big bonus.

Have an idea of pros, now about cons. As you may guess, it has only one direction of picking sound (not multi pattern). And sometimes highs are bit harsh (but very rarely). for me that's all.

long story short: it does what it does well.