Roland FC-300

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MIDI Footswitch

  • 2 Expression pedals and 2 control pedals
  • Illuminated display for patch names (2 lines / 16 characters)
  • An additional 3 expression pedals or 6 footswitches can be connected
  • 2 "Amp Control" jacks for switching e.g. guitar amps
  • 4 Modes for various MIDI applications (Standard, Control, Sys-Ex, and Patch)
  • 100 Sets of MIDI commands / parameters can be saved as patches - blocks of MIDI messages can be transferred easily with a foot pedal
  • Perfectly suited for the new VG-99 and future Roland devices: connection to LAN (Ethernet, CAT5) network cable, bidirectional transmission of MIDI data via newly developed RRC2 protocol (for example also the patch names), power supply of the FC-300
  • Connections: Power Supply (DC IN), MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, RRC2 OUT, AMP CONTROL 1, AMP CONTROL 2, EXP Pedal 3 / CTL 3, 4, EXP Pedal 4 / CTL 5, 8, MODE
  • Road-suitable metal housing
  • Power supply: Battery (6 x AA Mignon), power supply (PSA-230) or via Roland device (RRC2)
  • Includes 6 AA batteries, Boss PSA power supply available as an option
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 550 x 240 x 80 mm

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