Schoeps CMC 6 UG xt

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Product Details

Microphone AmplifierThe CMC 6 xt is a special version of the phantom-powered microphone amplifier CMC 6. Connecting one of many microphone MK capsules of the SCHOEPS module system into the amplifier creates a complete microphone.

It can operate on both 12V and 48V phantom power and has low output impedance (25 ohms to P12 and 35 ohms to P48, respectively). The current consumption is 8 mA (P12) or 4 mA (P48).

Externally, the CMC 6 xt differs from the standard version only in the engraving by an "xt" for "extended" on the back. But the essential thing is its CMC 6-based circuit, which has been extended to continue the high-frequency response up to 40kHz.

  • With extended frequency response up to 40 kHz
  • For capsules from the MK series
  • Powered by 12V - 48V phantom power
  • Especially low-impedance output, for long cable lengths (up to 100m)