Schott Der Neue Weg Zum Keyboard 4

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Keyboard Coursebook Volume 4

The "Neuer Weg" (New Way) is for all people who want to successfully learn to play the keyboard in methodically thought-out lessons based on popular songs and useful tips through teaching or self-study: for beginners of all ages, but also wind players, singers or guitarists who want to become musical "insiders" and who are looking for an introduction to improvisation, composition, harmony, etc. on the keyboard. Particularly on the keyboard, with its clear, regular structure of the keys, scales, chords and harmonic connections can be shown more clearly and systematically than on any other instrument. Musicians with prior knowledge can start with volume 2 or 3.

Volume 4: Easy polyphonic playing is the focus of attention, as well as playing with an automatic accompaniment. Triadic composition, fill-in, choral accompaniment, playing with varied dynamics and the instructions for improvising and composing round off the volume with regard to practice-oriented music theory.

  • Understand music and play immediately
  • Intervals
  • Blues forms
  • Improvisation
  • By Axel Benthien

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