Schott Irish Fiddle Tunes

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Schott Irish Fiddle Tunes

  • 62 Irish folk pieces for solo violin
  • By Matt Cranitch
  • Jigs, Slides, Slip Jigs, Polkas, Reels, Hornpipes, Set Dances and Airs
  • Comments on style and interpretation
  • Tips for bowing
  • Partially includes chords
  • Includes CD with demo recordings
  • Difficulty: Medium


  • The Miller Of Glanmire
  • The pattern Jig
  • The Leitrim Fancy
  • The Star Above The Garter
  • Dever The Dancer
  • The Gullane Polka
  • The Glen Cottage Polka
  • The Limerick Lasses
  • Farewell To Connacht
  • The Galtee Rangers
  • Flatherty's Hornpipe
  • The Three Sea Captains
  • Lord Inchiquin, and many more

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