I have used this mic in the studio with good results for kick drum, floot tom, electric bass cabinet.

Kick drum:

I had trouble recording kick drums at first. I've read that this mic has a mid scope and thought it sounds kind of flat and lacking punch of a "real kick sound"

Long story short... I tried buying new heads and started experimenting with positioning. I found that tuning my drums was the main issue. I do use a kickport in rear and Remo CS clear (going for EQ3 or something smilar next time) with my 22"x18" and a small pillow.

With this setup i found tuning my kick drum without the need of black belt in tuning drums. Just a tip that worked well for me. So now it sounds better than the weaker papery "plack"-sound that I got before. Now it's definitivly a "boom" when placing the BETA 52A inside an inch or two aiming a bit above dead centre. I do use the Autix D6 in addition for kick drum recording. I place the D6 halfway in and get boomier kick with high frequency click. I like the D6 more, but that's another story to tell.


Legendary mic. Good starting point if buying first kick drum mic if you don't know what to aim for. This mic is great with floor tom if upgrade the kick drum mic to something else.


- Has mid scope. You should'nt be afraid to use heavy EQ to shape the sound. Consider Audix D6 if you think or know you want more low end, less mids and bit high frequency click out of the box. They are both excellent and in the same price range.

Floor tom

SM 57 is the mic i usually end up using. If i have a spare SM52 i definitivly want it with floor tom. The Beta 52A sounds great on floor compared with sm57 and the low end it lacks. The Beta 52A just adds a lot more "punch in your face"-lows compared to a SM57.


- First and only mic i used with Beta 52A


- None so far

Electric bass guitar cabinet

Beta 52A is the mic i usually end up using. It delivers good low end sound. I do sometimes use additional SM57 for a track with overdrive. I found line in more useful fot that purpose.

Pros - Gives great low end and sounds good when recording in high volume situations.

Cons - I usually need additional track from line or SM57 when recording bass for a fuller sound in the hi-end depending on music style and taste at the moment.


Great for kick drum, floor tom and electric bass cabinet. The mid scope is an issue for me with kick drum, but can easily be eq:d to sound more youi want it to. Sounds amazing in combination wuth Audix D6. I would choose Beta52A as a first kick drum mic to buy and try it out since it is a great mic as floor tom in case you buy another one. Tuning might be a problem regardless of mic used and should be a concerm to fix before recording and jiugdning, specially if there is no power in the sound.. Audix D6 is a heavy pre-EQd mic and might suit you betterif you know you more low end and a bit high freq click. Beta 52A ijs a safe bet and worth trying if you are unsure of what you want. It's built to last.