Sturdy mic that sounds great.

I've used mostly this and the AKG D112 and I have to say I like the Shure Beta 52 better. Even though the frequency response is pretty similar I do prefer the sound coming from the Shure.

The build quality is great, and if feels like you could choose a Beta 52a as you weapon of choice in the coming zombie apocalypse and you'd stand a pretty good chance.

I do wish they had designed the "holder" for the mic a bit differently, I find that the mic is to tall to work good with floor kick stands. But then again I don't have the most flexible of stands.

I have (contrary to the other review) used this on bass amps and I really like it, maybe not as a solo mic, but as a complement (with a 57 and/or a line signal) it's nice, this has been mostly heavily distorted bass. Recording clean bass might very well be different story,