Sonor SQ2 Shell Set Smoked Larch

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Drum Shell Set

  • One up - two down configuration
  • Drum shell: Beech
  • Shell surface inside: Protective lacquer
  • Chrome-plated hardware
  • Bass drum with thumbscrews
  • Tom/floor toms with square head bolts
  • BD batter head: Power, transparent
  • BD resonant head: Power, natural, Sonor and SQ2 Logo
  • Toms batter- and resonance heads: Medium, transparent
  • Colour: Smoked Larch, satin


  • 22"X 18" Bass Drum without tomtom rosette (Shell type: Heavy)
  • 10"X 08" Tomtom (Shell type: Medium)
  • 14"X 14" Floor Tom (Shell type: Medium)
  • 16"x 16" Floor Tom (Shell type: Medium)

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