Sonor TAKX 100 Tenor Alto Xylophone

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Tenor Alto XylophonePalisono is a reinforced fibreglass material developed by Sonor in collaboration with a specialised company, and the sound properties of Palisono are ideal for the production of xylophones.

In addition, Palisono sound plates offer the advantage over wooden sound plates that they cannot absorb moisture and thus guarantee a lasting tuning.

  • Range: C1 - C3
  • Tenor alto
  • C Major scale with F#1, B1, F#2 and B2
  • 19 Tones
  • Overtone tuning up to C#2
  • Fundamental tuning from D2
  • Palisono sound bars: 38 x 15 mm
  • Resonance box with 4 chambers made of pine wood
  • Includes pair of SCH 11 mallets

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