Source Audio SA 249 One Series C4 Synth

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Source Audio SA 249 One Series C4 Synth; modular synthesizer effects pedal for guitar and bass; free Neuro Editor software offers unprecedented possibilities of sound design; 6 onboard factory presets; 128 factory presets via MIDI; MIDI compatible via Source Audio Neuro Hub; 4 independent voices; 3 oscillator wave shapes; 11 envelope followers; 25 filter effects and much more; universal bypass; analog buffered or relay, based true bypass selectable, controls for Input (Sense), Mix (Vol), Control 1, Control 2; preset toggle switch for 3 onboard presets; ALT control button activates secondary function of the pots; bypass footswitch; status LED; brushed anodized aluminum housing; 6.3 mm mono left & right input and output jacks for multiple routing possibilities; 3.5 mm TRRS Control Input for expression control via Hot Hand 3 or expression pedal for external real-time control of assignable parameters; mini USB Port for PC connectivity (Windows and Mac Compatible); power supply via included 9V DC adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center; battery operation not supported; current draw 165 mA (max. 195 mA with Hot Hand Wireless Adapter); dimensions (L x B x H) 114 x 70 x 51 mm

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