Three Okays make a Good

Bought this for my 1yo for Xmas after he showed great interest in his 3yo brother's 1/4 version of this instrument.

There is practically no difference in size between this (1/8) and the 1/4. I've decal'd the boys names on the fingerboards of the guitars (which have no dots on them FTR) to help tell at a glance which is which, such is their similarity.

This functions perfectly as a first guitar. It's cheap enough that I don't care if it gets absolutely smashed or drawn on or whatever else a toddler could do to a guitar.

It's also good enough to serve as a real instrument. I took a while to get this into (A tuning) tune. It felt if I tuned it straight up something would break. But now that he's had it a while it keeps okay tune and sounds fine.

The action is pretty high, so much so that fretting a note bends the pitch. But it doesn't need to be a virtuoso instrument at this stage. The good thing is that when he's old enough to learn properly I will likely shave the bridge down and set it up better.

A pretty good result for about thirty bucks.