Nice budget alternative to Yamaha guitalele

I must start this review that saying this is mostly a toy, however a very good one!

I really liked the Yamaha guitalele concept (a friend of mine has one and the quality is really good) but I was definitely not going to use it as a main instrument, so I didn't want to spend that much money on it. I got this one and I'm totally satisfied because price is almost a third of the Yamaha one.

Quality is good, the thing can tune quite alright though intonation is not excellent. Action is good and overall it is a good product. I even recorded some tracks with my Superlux PRA D1 mike (which is a budget one!) on my Line 6 Pod Studio (so added some colour to it) and results are outstanding for the price.

Bottom line: this is great for playing at home, travelling, going to a park or camping, you can even record some beautiful sounds with it! Just don't get it as a main instrument.