a great, small electric piano.

I bought this piano for my daughter to practice (she is a beginner) and for that, it is an excellent product. I am not an expert, but to me, for what it costs and for it's size, the piano is an ideal product for any beginner. The sound is clear and very natural. We have tested several more expensive products and once this piano arrived we did not regret the decision of buying it. The piano sounds really good and it can be loud as well if needed. The operation is simple. This piano does not have 1000's different tones but this is actually a very good thing. Another very good thing is that the piano is very compact so it does not take much space and when the lid is closed, it can act as a some sort of desk. Our daughter has it in her room and plays often using headphones although I must say that the headphones provided with the' bundle' are quite poor quality so we had to throw them away. The other slight negative is that the power plug is continental one so I had to purchase a UK converter - not a big deal but I was not expecting this.

The customer service is very good. Our piano had a fault and was replaced quickly without any problems. Thomann responded to my emails quickly and professionally and replaced the piano within a week.