Universal Audio Apollo X4

I bought this unit as part of a studio upgrade. I wanted to have the option to have a portable interface to work with my mac pro, but also be a controller for my main studio. It comes in attractive packaging (minus the thunderbolt cables). It's well contructed and the online resources are good, though some are a little dated. Installation was not hard but it is pretty lengthy. That said, a week after installing it, I really like it. I have it ADAT linked to my older soundcard (a MOTU octopre). The UAD plugins are excellent and I welcome the DSP which gives me more headroom on my ageing 2012 mac mini. The unit does get quite warm, but not hot, and is quite weighty for it's size but fits nicecly on my desk beside my keyboard and is easy to use. The marshall plexi classic amp sim is especially nice. Once installed, I created a Sonarworks profile for it and then played some music - I did immediately notice a extra smooth sheen of sweet top end detail, which I don't think I was imagining! First track was "Like Sugar" by Chaka Khan. No problems, I recommend this unit. Takes a bit of getting used to how things are done in UAD-world, but I like it.