Awesome interface!

I am producer and sound engineer. I needed a better unit to record some small band sessions, because quite often I felt that my Focusrite 18i8 couldn't provide me quality I wanted. Also I am using it on my home studio as a primary audio interface and mixing console.

Step up I got with this baby is big... stop, no. It's HUMONGOUS !!!!!


- Preamps are really good and clear, especially DI inputs !

- Amazing console software what gives tons of flexibility

- UAD plugins and unison technology !!!

- Solid build quality

- Portable

- Talkback installed

- 2 Headphone outputs

- You can get 5 plugins if you know someone who already having a UAD interface

- Great support and community for UAD users

- Suits for live situations


- Thunderbolt 3 cable is not included, spent extra 45€ on it, since I realized that simple USB Type-C doesn't work with it 😃

- Main knob is a little bit wobbly, but it seems to be a usual thing on most UAD Apollo interfaces

I think it is the best audio interfaces out there with lots of potential for my sound engineer future. This machine is super portable and could handle a lot!

Thanks UAD and Thomann!

These kind of things are boosting my creativity and urge to work harder!