Voggenreiter Bursch Rock Gitarre Spezial

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Instructional book for electric guitar

  • Rock Guitar Special: Continuation to "Peter Bursch`s Rock Guitar"
  • By Peter Bursch
  • Tips, tricks and exercises in trendy sounds and playing techniques
  • In tabulature - without notes
  • 112 pages
  • ISBN 978-3-8024-0238-8
  • In German language
  • Including CD with demo recordings


  • The beginning
  • Easy rhythms with cool handles
  • Ryhthm & Riffs
  • Sound enhancement with simple effects
  • Fast sixteenth, speed and thrash techniques
  • Riffs with killer melody songs
  • Give yourself a gas with your solo
  • Tricky hammer-on, pull-off and tapping effects
  • Heavy pickings
  • Nimble fingers-elaborate finger exercises
  • Technical tricks on guitar and equipment
  • How rehearsing a cool rock band?
  • How do I write a rock song?
  • Scale tables

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