Best piano for this price

I'm very happy to use Yamaha P-45.

This is the best way to start learning playing piano as it gives you nice keys feeling like on a real piano.

Sound quality and loudness is very good. Piano has a lot of very useful functions like metronome, duo playing function, adding a reverb to the sound, layering two voices.

Also the USB to Host function is great. You can connect your piano to a PC and use in any DAW.

At the moment Yamaha also giving a free 3 months using of their Flowkey app, when you register your product. This app is great for learning piano both for beginners and intermediate players.

Yamaha P-45 have Polyphony with 64 voices, that is good for couple of years of playing. But if you are professional player you need to look for something with larger Polyphony.

P-45 supports FC 3A Sustaing pedal. Also you get the FC 5 sustain pedal in kit.