Review of Yamaha YTR-4335 GII

I?m a trombone player, transcribing for full band as learning of sight reading. I needed to test even the treble clef parts before having it played, thus needed to play trumpet. However I wanted a quality product in order not to be held back. Anyway Thomann like me was a little enthusiastic and sent it a little too early and UPS delivered and hotel declined. I came few hours later and had to call ups to return the products next day, which cost me about Euro 50. Otherwise I would recommend thomann to oil the valves and slides before dispatch. Customer might be new to the product, I had to oil the valves after the second valve started sticking. A friend suggested to lubricate the slides as well after I thought I did that as well. Basically I can?t judge sound everything else, cause I?m new but I trust Yamaha as I own a trombone already. I?m confident I will be happy with it in the long run after I develop range and endurance. I intend buying from thomann in future.