Ape Labs Tube Extender

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Ape Labs Tube Extender; a light pillar as great eyecatcher; 1 meter extension for ApeCoin - Tube and ApeLight mini - Tube, made in germany - made of unbreakable polycarbonate; description: The Ape Labs Tube Extender is a one meter long tube made of polycarbonate which is an extension for the following items: ApeLight mini - Tube (Item No. 1109 / 1115); ApeCoin - Tube (Item No. 1114); The included aluminum ring connects both tubes together. The end cap of the original tube is simply attached to the end of this extension. delivery: 1 x Tube 1 meter; 1 x Extender (aluminum); dimensions: tube length: 100 cm; diameter tube: 5 cm; Weight incl. aluminum ring: 0,33 kg;
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