Excellent, versatile amplification choice for mobile performance

Bought this product after a lot of searching for a personal, portable PA for a wandering acoustic act. We work it by wearing one each, running either guitar or vocals through a headset mic and phantom power pack. They're not overwhelmingly loud, but do amazingly well for their size, and exactly what one needs to support the voice or instrumentation without being over the top.


Tons of headroom so they don't distort even when really loud.

Great battery life

They look sleek, and are lightweight enough to carry for a good two hours without problems.

Lots of input choices.


No XLR input - bit of a shame but not the end of the world.

The hinge on the battery port cover is a bit annoyingly placed, so if you put the thing down flat, the cover doesn't open properly - could see it snapping if you're a bit clumsy with it.

The strap (Included) is a great thing to have, but I'll probably pad it out with something a bit wider and nicer looking as it's a bit thin and 'functional' looking - but it works fine!

Altogether a great find :D